The Many Faces of David Bowie / VA ('16)


先日アルゼンチンのレーベルMusic Brokersからリリースされた「The Many Faces of David Bowie」もそんな中の1枚ですね。

Disc-1 The Many Faces Of David Bowie & The Spiders From Mars
01.You've Been Around - Reeves Gabrels Feat.David Bowie
02.The Man Who Sold The World - Tony Visconti & Woody Woodmansey
03.All The Young Dudes - Ian Hunter & Mick Ronson
04.Andy Warhal - Dana Gillespie Prod. By Mick Ronson & David Bowie
05.I Am A Lase - Ava Cherry & The Astronetters Prod. By David Bowie
06.Red Eyes - The Spiders From Mars
07.Growing Up And I'm Fine - Mick Ronson
08.Madman - Cuddly Toys
09.Funtime - Iggy Pop & David Bowie
10.Can't Help Thinking About Me - David Bowie & The Lower Third
11.Ziggy Stardust - The Spiders From Mars
12.Black Country Rock - Tony Visconti & Woody Woodmansey
13.Pleasure Man/hey Ma Get Papa - Mick Ronson
14.Heroes - Mick Garson

Disc-2 The World Of David Bowie
01.Moonage Daydream - The Spiders From Mars
02.Oh La La - Woody Woodmansey's U-boat
03.The Fall And Decline Of The Universe - Cuddly Toys
04.I Just Want To Have Something To Do - Angie Bowie
05.Illusion - Uriah Heep Feat Trevor Bolder
06.Lonely House - Carmen
07.I Wish I Knew - Adrian Belew
08.Soulful Dress - Marcia Ball Feat. Stevie Ray Vaughan
09.I Am Divine - Ava Cherry & The Astronettes Prod. By Davie Bowie
10.Suffragette City - Frankie Goes To Hollywood
11.Sorrow - The Mccoys
12.I'm A Man - The Yardbirds
13.Around And Around - Chuck Berry
14.La Mart(My Death) - Jacques Brel

Disc-3 Treasures And Songs
01.Space Oddity - Mike Garson
02.Prisoner - The Spiders From Mars
03.Waiting For The Man - The Velvet Underground
04.Sister Midnight - Iggy Pop & David Bowie
05.U-boat - Woody Woodmansey's U-Boat
06.The King Of Stamford Hill - Reeves Gabrels Feat. David Bowie
07.All The Way From Memphis - Ian Hunter & Mick Ronson
08.Good Times - Chic Feat. Nile Rodgers
09.Be My Wife - The Erim
10.Changes - Graham Blvd
11.Drive-in Saturday - Mystique
12.Life On Mars? - Ariel Smash
13.Littele Wonder - Files On The Square Egg
14.Space Oddity - Alan Jones



他にも初期のスパイダーズ・フロム・マーズの音源やミック・ロンソンのソロ・プロジェクト、'77年に収録された「Mantra Sessions」からイギーとボウイが共演している"Funtime""Sister Midnight"なんかも収録されてます。

このコンピの面白いのは、"The Jean Genie"のネタになったヤードバーズの"I'm a Man"やカヴァーしたチャック・ベイリーの"Around And Around"、逆にフランキー・ゴーズ・トゥ・ハリウッドがカヴァーした"Suffragette City"といったカヴァー曲の他、シックの"Good Times"みたいに直接関係ない音源なんかも収録されてます(*'-')



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